Project History

Rise of Persia has been founded in April 2005 by Faeghi and TheLordSkinner. The mod first started out under the name of Persia: Total War(PTW), until August that same year. In November Faeghi passed the task as lead developer to Nero666, who still bears this title.

The following few months, there was much behind-the-scenes work, with regular previews of finished works, followed by the first beta release in March 2006. In June that same year a version for RTW 1.5 was released, followed in October by a major update featuring many new factions. Since April 2007, the 2.1 series has been available, followed by the 2.2 series in May 2008. Currently the latest available public version is ROP v2.22.

At the moment, ROP is working hard on getting the v3.0 instalment out to the crowds. You can expect to hear more about this soon!


The site software is now updated, so that we're running Joomla 2.5.x and the latest version of phpBB3. This should ensure that the site keeps running fine the next few years.

Riseofpersia.com has just started using the content management system Joomla! and integrated its forum with the rest of the website, for easier access and better visibility of our website content.

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